Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Full payment must be received at the time of booking. A 2% additional charge will be added for payment by a credit card,1% for debit card.
Their is no additional charge for cash or check,check payment is only accepted if payment has been received prior to trip.

Cancellation by Comfy Tours.

We reserve the right to cancel or alter any trip, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, an alternative trip or refund
will be offered. For any other reason of cancellation a full refund will be given.

Cancellation by the customer.

We require a minimum notice period of 14 days prior to trip, for customers to receive a full refund. This excludes any costs that have been incurred. Customers can receive a 50% refund minus any incurred costs if cancelled 7 to 14 days prior to trip. For customers who give notice of less than 7 days will not be entitled to a refund, but may receive a token gift voucher in appreciation of keeping us informed. All cancellations over 7 days must be made in writing and the notice period begins from Comfy Tours receiving written cancellation.

Pick up/Drop off points and times. 

Private hire customers are responsible for ensuring that any pick up/ drop off points they have chosen are accessible for coach and for payment of parking charges. Comfy Tours holiday service includes home pick up and drop off, this maybe arranged via taxi transfer,Customers who need access taxi must inform us at time of booking. pick up times will be arranged close to departure date. All passengers on day trips are advised to arrive 10 minutes prior to departure time, Comfy Tours will not be able to wait longer than a few minutes from stated pick up time for late arrivals on outward bound journey, no refund will be given to those who miss trip. We advise passengers to contact us on 07742 577315 If running late back to coach for return journey as we consider waiting a short period. We do advice passengers to return 10 minutes prior to departure.Ultimately Comfy Tours will consider the majority of passengers discomfort of being delayed.

Use of Access Lift, on board Wheelchairs.

Customers wishing to use the access lift must inform Comfy Tours of this at time of booking. Passengers wishing to use the access lift must be seated in a wheelchair with seatbelt fastened, We will supply a wheelchair for this operation for passengers who have not brought their own,Passengers who do not wish to use a wheelchair on access lift or for anyone who supports wheelchair passenger whilst on lift are responsible for there own actions.Comfy Tours does not accept any liability for passengers who do not follow safe conduct. Passengers who are able to safely transfer from wheelchair to coach seating should not book onboard wheelchair space. Wheelchairs must be safe to travel on vehicle and not to be moved whilst vehicle in motion.wheelchair breaks and belt must be used,Comfy Tours will also use there own safety straps and belts these are not to be handled by anyone other than our staff.  Passengers in electric wheelchairs are to ensure that power is turned off whilst on lift and in vehicle. The weight limit for the lift is
250kg and this is not to be exceeded.


Customers are to inform us at time of booking of any items that may need storage. This includes items such as walkers,wheelchairs and mobility scooters, or items that can not be safely carried or are unsafe to store in the overhead storage space.we only permit portable mobility scooters that are easily collapsible ie into 2 pieces of small or medium size. It is the customers responsibility to check with us that items they wish to store meet this criteria at time of booking, failure to do so could result in customer missing out on trip with no refund. Holiday passengers must note there is a luggage restriction of one case per person plus any hand held bags this is due to limited locker space because of lift, passengers are welcome to bring a mobility aids but agreement on size and amount must be approved by Comfy Tours In writing. Comfy Tours has the right to refuse additional luggage.

Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking or drinking alcohol is not permitted on board the vehicle.

Seat belts.

It is the customers responsibility that seat belts are worn and securely fastened at all times.


Anybody wishing to use the toilet whilst vehicle in motion then they do so at their own risk.

Lost property.

Any individual who believes their property has been stolen should report this to the police. Comfy Tours does not take any responsibility for lost or stolen items. If a customer reports a an item lost to us we will of course look for this and contact the customer if found. Items left behind on vehicle that we deem to have value will be stored for upto 30 days, if collection has not been made we reserve the right to dispose of these.

Meals and Admissions

These are not included unless clearly stated otherwise.

TLT-Tired Legs Tours.

Our TLT emblem is only given as a guidance. We consider these trips to be ideal for people who have limited stamina.

Special Needs/Requirements

We strive to offer the best service to all. If you have any special needs or requirements, please do not hesitate to inform us as we are happy to facilitate were possible.

Seating Arrangements

We do not operate a reserved seating option unless this is for a special need or requirement reason.