Access statement

Please note: This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.


Comfy Tours offers coach travel with access lift, on board floor level w/c and some trips with hostess serving drinks and refreshment also entertainment with prizes etc, based in the Wyre and Fylde area private hire also available to certain areas with in the North West of England.


  • Pick up/drop off point and trip information is available at various libraries and tourist information centres around the Wyre and Fylde coast. We can also email you a copy in word format which is ideal for those wishing to enlarge the print. Our email address is
  • For any special requirements or for private hire arrangements it is best to directly speak to us on 01253 778154 or 07742577315.

Car Parking and Arrival

  • For customers wishing to make there way to pick up point in car, please inform us when booking and we will advise of most suitable area to park on your route.
  • When coach arrives at pick up the driver will try to park as close to pavement as possible and we do have a stepping stool which can assist with easier access on to coach via steps.
  • Most trips do include coach hostess who can help assist passengers I.e point out grab rails,hold bags so passengers hands are free whilst entering and exiting coach.

Main Entrance, Reception and Ticketing Area

  • The main door opens out and is operated by driver.
  • There are 6 steps from this entrance to seating area with a hand rail on the left hand side to offer support for first two steps and then both side grab support for last two steps.
  • There is our access lift for an alternate entrance, this is a platform lift which can hold 250kg of weight and is approved to carry two persons and a chair and is 810mm or just under 32 inch wide.
  • The coach is well lit with spot lighting spaced out on board.
  • Admission is generally purchased prior to trip.

Attraction (displays, exhibits, rides etc.)

  • We offer some trips with entertainment on board this can be themed to suit groups on our private hire trips
  • our general entertainment is a music quiz provided by coach hostess over the microphone , this quiz has been designed to be at an easy to understand and join in level with the use of large print cards to encourage passengers interaction.
  • We have drink facilities on board and our hostess can offer hot and cold drinks to passengers, these are served in cups with lids we also have a beaker cup if required or passengers can bring there own special cup if required.
  • Background music plays through out most of coach travel.
  • We supply on board reading material and have 2 magnifying glasses if needed
  • Our coach has air conditioning and heating system but if required we have blankets for passengers additional comfort.
  • If passengers need assistance they can call hostess (when on-board) or press over head service light.
  • Our coach has seating for 42 passengers or 22 passengers and 6 on board wheelchairs which include safety straps and belts.
  • If passengers pre request additional leg space due to health reasons we will supply this if possible
  • Our seating offers arm rest for all,foot rest and pull down tray for all minus front row and a few seats at the back on each side.
  • Our flooring is carpeted front half of coach and lino rear half ,front 6 seats has a small step to seats and from there on the coach runs on a level surface.

Public Toilets

  • Toilet is situated on floor level at back of coach
  • Toilet door has twist to open handle and is light to open with a width of 600mm or 23.62inch.
  • The side door of toilet can be unbolted to open out to allow for additional space and there is a draw curtain to maintain privacy. Ideal for wheelchair users also support staff, only to be used in this circumstance when vehicle is stationary.
  • The toilet seat is 450mm or 18 inch high from floor level.
  • The sink has a manual push down tap.
  • There are two grab rails one is horizontal and is located to side of toilet the other is vertical and is located to the front of w/c slightly to the left hand side.

Additional Information

  • Assistance dogs welcome and water bowl will be provided.
  • Both Heath and Kathryn (driver and hostess) are DBS checked.
  • Kathryn (hostess) is first aid at work trained.
  • Kathryn (hostess) is experienced in the care industry.
  • We have a tired leg trip guide in our tour listings which helps recommend which trips are more suitable for people looking for trips with limited walking involved.
  • Comfy Tours welcomes people to contact them with any special requirements.

Future Plans

  • To offer reading material in braille and to get a few sets of our interactive quiz in braille.
  • To learn how to make our website more accessible.
  • To get our ceiling hoist fixed and regularly maintained so our toilet can be accessible to individuals that are unable to weight bare.
  • To actively get customers feed back to learn how and where we can improve our service.