About us

Comfy Tours Uk

Hello, we are husband and wife team Heath and Kathryn, and we would like to tell you a little bit about ourselves and how Comfy Tours was started.

Heath: “I have been a professional driver for over 15 years ,originally in the haulage industry. It’s a regular joke when my wife asks me to do D.I.Y, sorry no can do, these hands were made for driving.”

Kathryn: “I have been a carer for over 15 years, and supporting and assisting people is just part of who i am. It’s through this work that i have seen how difficult life can be for people, examples would be managing steps,
accessing venues etc.”

We wanted to start a business together and Comfy Tours seemed the answer as it works to both our strengths. Heath worked hard on the logistics side of the business to gain his CPC Transport Manager qualification and getting the Operators Licence. Once this was granted the his next hurdle was finding the right vehicle. We both agreed that a disabled access lift was paramount as we wanted to be inclusive to all, of equal importance was a floor level toilet for our customers convenience.

Eventually after months of searching we finally found the right vehicle and with a makeover to match we are the proud owners of ‘The Dragon’.

Named after Heath’s mother Elaine Titman, this is a pet name Kathryn has for her Mother-in-Law due to her Welsh heritage.  We would like to thank our very good friends Ray and Angela Jackson who have also been very supportive.
And last but not least our customers on whom we rely on to keep this business up and running. Please show your support in spreading the word about Comfy Tours.